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Tracksmith's Awe-Inspiring Lookbook Blows Up a Tired Format


Tracksmith's Awe-Inspiring Lookbook Blows Up a Tired Format

Anthony Moor
June 10, 2019

At StoryCraft, we’re always on the hunt for brilliant examples of brand storytelling. Recently, Tracksmith’s misty spring lookbook from San Francisco delivered, with an account of real people in an inspiring locale on the kind of run we can actually aspire to do ourselves. The story-first approach from this running apparel brand is a smart contrast to the typical fashion lookbook in which professional models are placed in a setting that’s much more product-focused.

The story first approach is a smart contrast to the typical lookbook

This is a tale told in prose and images of two pairs of actual friends running through a windswept and foggy landscape that isn’t fantasy. It’s a popular route that draws runners from afar. The setting is beloved and beautiful Mt. Tamalpais, located north of San Francisco in Marin County. The desktop version of the lookbook adds an inspiring description of place penned by a local running blogger.

“The further up on Tam you go, the more the mountain becomes alive,” writes Mario Fraioli. “Thick forests complementing vast areas of open space, moody clouds strewn about the sky, and the sound of fog horns off in the distance are just some of the elements that add to its personality and vibrancy.”

With the story-driven photography, the post encouraged us to keep on keeping on with the runners experiencing it. Oh and their attire just happens to rock. “It invites you to look at their clothes,” says StoryCraft’s Nichol Nelson.

It's real people doing just what we aspire to do ourselves

Props for the differentiated UX on phone and desktop, wrapping up a superb content experience. Tracksmith makes us want to get out there in some running togs for real. For this, we honor Tracksmith with our first StoryCraft Award for excellence in brand storytelling.

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Monday, June 10, 2019


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